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Cécile chine is a brand powered by force. That of its convictions, its unisex cuts, the resistance of its upcycled fabrics. Its clothes, its jeans, its workwear, the uniqueness of each patchwork are all testimonies of this strength. Style assertion, armor and cocoon in turn, Cécile chine's clean, subtle and comfortable cuts accompany all the emotions of everyday life. 

Veste patchwork jean upcycling Cécile Chine
Portrait aquarelle créatrice Cécile chine upcycling


Cécile was originally a musician and had nothing to do with fashion design. But after a very advanced violin career, she wanted to express her art differently, still using her hands but embodying it with matter. She was working in a thrift shop at the time, so the solution was lying right there: Cécile would make clothing from second-hand fabrics. She took evening classes and, as a musician works tirelessly on his instrument, learned how to combine an artistic vision and the precision of the couturier's gesture. She already had a passion for upcycling, jeans and patchwork, materials that echoed with the strength and self-assertiveness that Cécile draws from sewing. Cécile chine was born!


Cécile chine is upcycling, namely fabrics are second-hand. They are bought in France from vintage shops and couture houses who sell the end of their rolls. As a matter of fact, "chiner" in French means searching thrift shops for nice garment!

Denim clothes are very quickly discarded despite their great resistance over time and the infinite versatility they offer when used for patchworks. Cécile designs the clothes that inspire her, creates the patterns by hand and starts production. She either sews herself or entrusts a French manufacturer. Negative ecological and social externalities are therefore reduced to a minimum, and the impact left by the brand is positive.


Upcycling consists in using objects and materials that were supposed to be thrown away to reintroduce them into the consumption chain, using them differently. Some steps on the path to sustainable fashion and ecological transition!

Croquis upcycling Cécile chine


Cécile chine conveys through her clothes the strength that one feels when one found one's way. The straight falling of its garment is timeless and deliberate, the cuts are ample and comfortable, the fabrics are soft and resistant. Whether it's a suit, jeans, a jacket or a skirt, Cécile chine's clothing accompanies aspiration changes, life changes and even morphology changes. These are clothes made for emotions, surprises and successes!

Chemise patchwork jean upcycling Cécile chine
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