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  • Offer a sewing class with Cécile!

    • 2 typologies : classic sewing class (3h) or hygiene (2h30)
    • At the workshop: 47ter rue d'Orsel, Paris 18th arrondissement
    • Number of places limited to 4 participants
    • Gift card valid for 1 year starting on the date of purchase



    The lucky one will be able to choose his or her class:

    • Sewing class level 1: Beginner? Let's start with a case, a pillowcase, a tote bag, a make-up remover wipe, a bib...
    • Sewing class level 2: Deciphering pattern books' gibberish, understanding the instructions, choosing the right size... Participants are invited to come with their pattern and fabric!
    • Sewing class level 3 : Let's make dazzling technical finishes ! Tabs, ripstop slits, Italian style pocket, piped pocket, buttonhole, collar, lining...
    • Special hygiene sewing class: Let's create washable sanitary pads and make-up remover wipes, for an eco-friendly home!

Quelle taille commander ? Si vous faites une taille "classique" mais qu'elle n'est pas disponible, commandez du "sur-mesure" et mettez en commentaire votre taille habituelle :)

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